Fresh News extension for Firefox and Chrome


If you regularly read sites like Reddit or Hacker News, Fresh News can help you focus on new content, graying out posts you have already seen. For example, after you had read popular Reddit posts in the morning and reopened Reddit in the evening 10 hours later, Fresh News will gray out all morning posts - making new posts easily identifiable:

And if you read Hacker News daily, links from previous days will be grayed out:

It is similar to browser graying link text for visited sites, except this extensions is optimized for news sites where you had read a headline, but didn't click-through.

Common news links are shared among sites - if you have seen the news about Arecibo Observatory on Reddit, the same link will also be marked as seen on Hacker News.

Supported sites

Fresh News implements an universal news link identifying engine that can work with most news sites, forums and blogs. In browser extension options, add news pages you frequently visit. For example, add for the Neowin news site:

A site typically contains a front page with a news feed, article pages and discussion areas. It is important to specify as a news page only a page with a news feed, like Fresh News is activated only on pages that exactly match specified news pages or match the provided wildcard, like*/)?


As you visit sites, displayed news links are stored in browser storage, taking space and increasing processing time. The Link retention option deletes links after the specified number of days. For example, if you visit news sites at least weekly, you can safely set Link retention to 8 days.

How it works

First Fresh News heuristically identifies news-like links on a page:

Then the extension extracts the URL of a link and stores it in browser storage. If the link already was in the storage, its background is grayed.


Install Fresh News for Firefox or Install Fresh News for Chrome.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please join Fresh News on Gitter. You can also contact me directly via email